About Conquer All Music

Control Room Recording Studio Conquer All MusicWelcome.  My name is Stefan Ramey, certified recording engineer and owner of Conquer All Music.  CAM is an integrated music facility featuring a Music Store, Rehearsal Hall, Recording Studio, and Live-Sound Business, all under one roof.  CAM was founded in 2011, and is housed in what used to be the Ambrose Memorial Hall in Conquerall Mills, NS. 

Ambrose Memorial Hall was built as a labor of love by the local community in the late 1940’s on land donated from the neighboring farm to the Saint James Anglican Church which still stands up the road from this property.

Over the decades the building was the community center where dances, dinners, community group meetings, parties, and voting, all took place. Eventually, the building fell into disuse for many years until it was purchased by Conquer All Music in January 2012.

Conquer All Music Recording Studio Record Floor

Conquer All Music Record Floor

After extensive, intensive, and exhaustive work, Ambrose Memorial Hall was stripped down to the frame, and completely rebuilt, rewired, and re-plumbed, from the ground up.  The original open-concept hall was partitioned to allow for a small music shop, and a spacious recording studio/ rehearsal hall.

Conquer All Music offers many great products and services under one roof.  Check out the “Studio” menu to access a full list of services, rates, gear, and audio samples.  For pictures check out the “Gallery”.

I, Stefan Ramey, thank you for visiting the Conquer All Music website.  I look forward to helping you in any way I can.


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