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Conquer All Music is an integrated music store, recording studio, rehearsal hall, and live-sound business located in the rural community of Conquerall Mills, Nova Scotia

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February at Conquer All Music

As part of my unspoken New Years resolution, I plan to post little updates on a monthly basis to the webiste.  2016 is off to a flying start here at the store.  Here are the highlights:

-I am now setup to sell and trade vinyl records.  CCL Fine Woodworking built me a nice set of display cases to house my ever growing inventory of records.

-Submissions are now open for the Growing Green Festival 2016 musical lineup.  Please email stefan@conquerallmusicstore.ca to get your name on the list of potential performers.  As of today we have had 18 submissions.  For a taste of what things looked like last year, check out the Growing Green website by clicking here.  GG Fest will be running from September 16th-18th.

-It is official that the East Coast Guitar Festival is happening this year at the Halifax forum.  Conquer All Music plans to be there with bells on, taking the store on the road.  ECGF takes place May 13th-14th, 2016.

-I plan to make some more updates to the Store section of the website in the coming months.  Stay tuned for more product line updates.

-There are many more cool things happening with Conquer All Music.  Please check back next month with an update on all that is going on.

A New Year at Conquer All Music: Vinyl Records and CD Repair

Hey Everyone,

Happy New year from Conquer All Music.  I am pleased to announce that starting within the next month, vinyl records will be available at CAM.  I have seen at a glance, the amount of records and kinds of records that I will be getting.  There are several crates full and some real gems contained within.

The plan is to setup a nice little display here in the shop, put out some nicely alphabetized crates full of records, and throw open my doors.  I will have a complete list of inventory sometime within the month.  I will make an announcement via the Conquer All Music Facebook page when everything is setup and ready to go.  I am pleased as punch to be offering yet another music-related service here at Conquer All Music.

Additionally, for those of you who may not know, Conquer All Music also offers CD resurfacing.  Bring in your old scratched up CD’s and DVD’s , and CAM can buff them clean so they will work once more.

For more information on either of these services, please do not hesitate to call the store at 902-530-3730 or email stefan@conquerallmusicstore.ca


Conquer All Music End of Summer

Hey All,

After a marathon couple of weeks here at CAM with The South Shore Ex and Growing Green, Adam and I are back at the shop and hard at work.  There will be inventory orders going out over the next few weeks for pedals and accessories.  If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to contact us to get an order placed.  The rest of this week entails some mixing and general building maintenance before the winter weather moves in.  Keep checking up with us on Facebook.  Enjoy the rest of your summer! -Stefan

Welcome to CAM Website 2.0

Welcome everyone to the new and drastically improved Conquer All Music website.  It has been a long time coming.  With this new website, I have the opportunity to have a more active presence on the internet.  The old website was cumbersome, difficult to update, and fraught with formatting issues.  In addition it was NOT mobile compatible, which really sucked.  Now I am all updated and operational.  If you are looking to advertise a local musical event, check out the “Events” section of the website to see what advertising with Conquer All Music looks like.

I am pleased as punch that this all working.  I think everyone will agree that this new site is radically improved.  There are still some tweaks and updates that need to happen but I am up and running.  Thanks for checking in.  Come back anytime to see what is happening on the South Shore at CAM.

-Stefan Ramey (Owner)