February at Conquer All Music

As part of my unspoken New Years resolution, I plan to post little updates on a monthly basis to the webiste.  2016 is off to a flying start here at the store.  Here are the highlights:

-I am now setup to sell and trade vinyl records.  CCL Fine Woodworking built me a nice set of display cases to house my ever growing inventory of records.

-Submissions are now open for the Growing Green Festival 2016 musical lineup.  Please email stefan@conquerallmusicstore.ca to get your name on the list of potential performers.  As of today we have had 18 submissions.  For a taste of what things looked like last year, check out the Growing Green website by clicking here.  GG Fest will be running from September 16th-18th.

-It is official that the East Coast Guitar Festival is happening this year at the Halifax forum.  Conquer All Music plans to be there with bells on, taking the store on the road.  ECGF takes place May 13th-14th, 2016.

-I plan to make some more updates to the Store section of the website in the coming months.  Stay tuned for more product line updates.

-There are many more cool things happening with Conquer All Music.  Please check back next month with an update on all that is going on.