A New Year at Conquer All Music: Vinyl Records and CD Repair

Hey Everyone,

Happy New year from Conquer All Music.  I am pleased to announce that starting within the next month, vinyl records will be available at CAM.  I have seen at a glance, the amount of records and kinds of records that I will be getting.  There are several crates full and some real gems contained within.

The plan is to setup a nice little display here in the shop, put out some nicely alphabetized crates full of records, and throw open my doors.  I will have a complete list of inventory sometime within the month.  I will make an announcement via the Conquer All Music Facebook page when everything is setup and ready to go.  I am pleased as punch to be offering yet another music-related service here at Conquer All Music.

Additionally, for those of you who may not know, Conquer All Music also offers CD resurfacing.  Bring in your old scratched up CD’s and DVD’s , and CAM can buff them clean so they will work once more.

For more information on either of these services, please do not hesitate to call the store at 902-530-3730 or email stefan@conquerallmusicstore.ca